Congratulations, You’re Getting Married! A wedding can seem very overwhelming with all the planning and preparations. Relax, enjoy and let Sweet Pea Designs help plan the most important and memorable time in your life. Sweet Pea Designs is willing to work with your budget, high or low, and incorporate your style and personal touch making it unique and one of a kind! 

Preparation Budget: Whether large or small, everyone has one and Sweet Pea Designs will suggest smart ways to save!

Numbers: To determine quantities and pricing for food, flowers, attire, invitations and accommodations, Sweet Pea will need to know the number of guests, bridesmaids, groomsmen, children, grandparents, parents and others participating in your special day or weekend plans.

Style: Start with an idea of how you want your wedding to look…lavish, simple, romantic, elegant? Next, collect examples of photographs, material swatches, and colors for your wedding style. If you are not sure, let Sweet Pea’s knowledge, experience and design help bring it all together!


Whatever your budget may be, there is room for us to work together!!

Booking: Sweet Pea’s event overview documents and payment schedule will clearly state the numbers and description of each item, the dates, the places and times for delivery, preparation and assembly. The final contract will also include pick up and return procedures and any labor charges, taxes and/or other fees associated with the order.

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